New Heating Pump Installation

New Heating Pump Installation

We were called to a customers house who were having multiple issues with their heating system.

We discovered that the flow and returns had been installed the wrong way off the boiler and this had to be corrected as soon as possible as this was dangerous. On top of this,  the pump was housed on the top floor and was struggling to pull the heat away from the boiler and pump heat around the house.

The only solution was to upgrade the heating pump. Whilst this was not a cheap solution, we discussed this with the customer who was happy to go ahead as the new bigger, more efficient pump would have to work less and would therefore save them money on their electricity bill.

 In addition to this, the heated water would now reach the various areas of the home quicker resulting in the boiler firing less,  which in turn would lower fuel bills further, on this occasion the customers gas bill.

We removed the old smaller pump,  altered the pipe layout and installed the new pump.

Within five minutes of the new pump working, we saw the difference in efficiency and more importantly so could our customer.

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The photos below show the stages of the job from start to completion.