New Oil Boiler and New Oil Tank Installation

New oil boiler and new oil tank  installation

A customer asked us for a more economical way to heat their home.

Sadly the building company who built the customer’s 5 bedroomed house, installed two electric boilers to heat their home. This was obviously not the most economic solution to heat a large family house.  The customer was left with  huge electricity bills and was unable to assess their power consumption and energy usage as the £ section on the metre could not handle the enormous usage.

The fit involved the following :

  • stripping the electric boilers out and rewiring  and piping the airing cupboard using the latest energy efficient compounds
  • installing a Grant oil boiler and new oil tank to the manufacturers instructions and in line with OFTEC regulations ( )
  • weather proofing all external pipework
  • fully commissioning the system

If you would like to discuss the possibility a more economical way to heat your home, please contact us on 01428 482015.

The photos below show the stages of the job from start to completion.