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A fresh modern shower room can add significant value to your home.

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Are you having problems with your shower or would you like a new shower fitted? Our team of plumbers can rectify many of the shower faults encountered,  such as fluctuating temperature, low pressure, slow draining showers, dripping shower heads or leaks?

Slow draining showers are often the result of a build up of soap, limescale and hair. This can be quickly and easily rectified by clearing the debris from the plughole or shower trap. We are fully qualified to work with all types of shower, including power showers, mixer showers, electric showers and gravity-fed showers.

All works guaranteed. No call out fee. No job too big or problem too small.

If your requirement is not listed or is a little more involved, please feel free to call us on 07949 064 979 or get in touch.

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