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Powerflushing cleanses your heating system and can increase efficiency and reduce your fuel bills by up to 30%.

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What is powerflushing?

Powerflushing is the process of cleansing your heating system using a powerflushing machine, chemicals and water and is a versatile and highly effective method of flushing heating systems.

It is aided by chemicals to loosen corrosion deposits and sludge and is then dumped from the system, leaving boilers, pipes and radiators clear, regaining efficiency and circulation. It should also be noted that, irrespective of the method used, hot flushing is more effective than cold flushing and reversing the flow will help to remove debris that might otherwise remain trapped.

Powerflushing takes at least a day to complete depending on the size of your heating system and the number of radiators.

Why powerflush ?

  • Powerflushing your heating system can increase efficiency and reduce your fuel bills by up to 30%
  • Powerflushing can dramatically increase the lifespan of heating system components such as boilers, radiators, pipes and fittings.
  • A heating system with high levels of limescale and sludge must run for longer to produce the same amount of heat, costs more to run and emits higher levels of CO2.
  • Powerflushing can remove cold spots from your radiator.
    • Powerflushing can reduce excessive boiler noise
    • Most boiler manufactures will not issue a guarantee UNLESS the new boiler installation has been chemically power flushed
    • Powerflushing will help your heating system to reduce its CO2 emmissions
    • Powerflushing can save you significant amounts of money in the long run.

Quality Products

At Elements Plumbing we only use the very highest quality products.

Flushing Chemicals used :-

  • Cleanser – added prior to powerflushing to loosen debris
  • Inhibitor – added after powerflushing to protect against future corrosion

Do I need to powerflush?

Powerflushing a heating system can be very useful. If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions your heating system could benefit from powerflushing.

  • Are any of your radiators cold or particularly cold at he bottom?
  • Are your radiators slow to heat up?
  • Do you need to frequently bleed your radiators?
  • Is your boiler excessively noisy?

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