Central Heating Repairs

Central heating repair engineers

Problems with your central heating?

It is important to recognise and deal with any problems with your boiler or central heating system as soon as you notice them. This will help prevent further damage and save you money by returning your appliance or system to its optimum operating efficiency.

Central heating breakdowns & repairs

Repairs and fault finding

We understand the inconvenience caused when your central heating systems isn’t working properly. Our qualified engineers specialise in central heating repairs and deal with all sorts of breakdowns and problems. Some of the more common problems we handle are:

  • Cold spots in radiator
  • Noisy pipes due to restriction
  • Little or no hot water being produced
  • Blocked pipes & valves due to sludge or limescale
  • Dirty brown or black water present when bleeding radiators
  • Heating is coming on when it isn’t needed

Things to consider

Looking after your home and saving you money

We can solve all of your plumbing and heating issues and give you the following benefits:

  • A more efficient system
  • Better circulation
  • Faster heat-up
  • Up to 35% saving on fuel bills
  • Lime scale protection
  • Quieter system
  • Efficient radiators
  • Heating is coming on when not needed

If you would like to talk through the problems you are having with your central heating please get in touch to see how we can help.

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