Water Purification

Water filter installers

Filtering and purifying your water can offer you many benefits

Water purification and filtration systems work by taking out the unwanted impurities from your drinking water.

Water purification and filtration systems

Throughout the home

Water filtration and purification systems have many benefits including health. You can apply water filtration systems to your whole home from drinking water filters to shower and bath filters.

A water softener can :

  • Save you money on detergents and cleaners
  • Improve dry skin conditions such as Eczema
  • Protect your new bathroom from the ravages of scale and scum build up
  • Reduce cleaning time around the house as baths and showers effectively become “self cleaning”
  • Prolong the life of your domestic appliances

The benefits of water softeners

  • Having soft water means you use less cleaning products, washing powders and de-scaling solutions, saving you money
  • Many skin irritations such as eczema, are relieved and reduced by washing in soft water. Laundering all your clothes in soft water can also help with the added bonus of your clothes staying fresher and brighter for longer.
  • Taking the hardness out of your water supply means domestic appliances last longer, repairs and replacements are drastically reduced, heating systems and boilers are more efficient. Showers and bathroom fittings stay clean and bright

The health benefits

Why drink filtered water?

Whether you’re looking to cut costs on supplying drinking water for your office, or simply want an easy and convenient way to drink great tasting water at home, the decision to drink filtered water instead of regular tap water, bottled water or caffeinated drinks is becoming increasingly more popular.

Some key advantages of filtered water, for both cooking and drinking are:

It tastes good

The contaminants prevalent in tap water are detrimental to its overall taste. Water filters help to remove these contaminants which not only improves the taste, but also improves the odour, bringing out the true richness of flavour when you cook food using filtered water.

Cost effective

Manufacturers of bottled water make a huge markup on their profits. If you drink bottled water regularly, your wallet is sure to benefit in the long run once you make the switch to filtered water. Not to mention, you don’t have to carry the heavy bottles home with you from the supermarket!

Helps the environment

The production of bottled water entails transportation costs, electricity costs and also generates environmental waste. you are helping to rid the world of plastic pollution.

Reduced risk of cancer

Tap water is treated with chlorine for disinfection purposes, however, it has been suggested in studies that drinking water that contains chlorine and chlorine by-products leads to an increased risk of cancer. By removing chlorine from your drinking water, you’re less likely to get cancer and you will also feel healthier and more energised too.

Removes the bad stuff, keeps the good stuff

Provided your water filter is of a certain standard, naturally occurring minerals found in tap water will not be removed by the water filter, whereas impurities will be. Naturally occurring minerals are essential for good health, so if you drink water regularly it pays to drink the kind of water which makes you feel good. Tap water is acidic and can be detrimental to your body’s immune system as well as disrupt the body’s natural PH level. Drinking mineral rich, filtered water will help to restore your body’s PH level to equilibrium.

Reduced risk of gastrointestinal disease

Water filters remove cryptosporidium and giardia, which are responsible for the onset of gastrointestinal disease. Drinking filtered water is also very good for children who still have developing immune systems and are thus more at risk to developing illnesses due to impure water consumption.

If you would like to find out more about the use of water purification and filtration systems please get in touch.

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